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SaaS simplifies every step of the system maintenance. We take end-to-end responsibility for it.
Our products can be installed in your environment or provided to you as SaaS solution.
AzimuthIT provides innovative, dedicated, high-available software solutions to fit your needs.
Let our experts analyze your processes and determine the best possible ways to streamline them and gain maximum efficiency.
Herewith we would like to announce AzimuthIT officially joining the Smart4Aviation Group.

Smart4Aviation is a company founded on passion for aviation and idea to harness the power of the Web in airline industry’s service. Smart4Aviation combines over ten years of aviation and aeronautical experts’ knowledge now with the skills and ability of AzimuthIT specialists!

We are very excited and looking forward to not only offering the AzimuthIT solutions but also adding the Smart4Aviation Group quality and experience.

Please keep checking both www.azimuthit.com and www.smart4aviation.aero websites for updates and feel free to email us to our new e-mail address: info@smart4aviation.aero


Software as a Service, SaaS, is an innovative business model that can bring new opportunities to your company.

Unlike traditional enterprise software delivery models, SaaS is a recurring subscription-based model of software delivery on-demand. SaaS requires no hardware purchases, software installations, network setup, nor ongoing system upgrades on the customer side. AzimuthIT provides end-to-end responsibility for systems. All that is required is a web browser to access the application online over the Internet.

With SaaS startup fees and times are greatly reduced, helping you to quickly realize the value of our solution.

The system runs virtually without any downtime and data integrity is validated throughout all data flow stages. We offer a trusted data center infrastructure equipped with leading industry hardware and software solutions.

The AzimuthIT team not only provides a standard software application in SaaS model, but can also customize its functions to meet your needs and preferences.

SaaS benefits:
  • Control over the software manufacturer
  • Continuous access to the latest version of the software
  • Low cost of system implementation
  • Focus on core business
  • Rapid implementation time
  • Low cost of system maintenance
  • Responsibility for system maintenance is on the vendor side
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All our systems are designed with High Availability in mind. This enables us to provide our customers with solutions that are tailored to their specific needs offering wide variety of hosting environments.

Our designs use standard disaster prevention and recovery procedures like data replication between two geographically spread environments, clustering, regular backups, and redundant Internet connections.

*SLA - Service Level Agreement
*DR - Disaster Recovery
*LE - Live Environment

Our hosting solutions provide High Availability using the following techniques:
  • clustering - multi nodes database, application server clusters, JMS clusters.
  • data replication between production and disaster recovery environment – using Oracle Data Guard or similar techniques.
  • simultaneous, parallel message feeds distribution to production and disaster recovery environments.
  • custom switchover procedures with zero data loss from production environment to disaster recovery environment.
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