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SaaS simplifies every step of the system maintenance. We take end-to-end responsibility for it.
Our products can be installed in your environment or provided to you as SaaS solution.
AzimuthIT provides innovative, dedicated, high-available software solutions to fit your needs.
Let our experts analyze your processes and determine the best possible ways to streamline them and gain maximum efficiency.
Herewith we would like to announce AzimuthIT officially joining the Smart4Aviation Group.

Smart4Aviation is a company founded on passion for aviation and idea to harness the power of the Web in airline industry’s service. Smart4Aviation combines over ten years of aviation and aeronautical experts’ knowledge now with the skills and ability of AzimuthIT specialists!

We are very excited and looking forward to not only offering the AzimuthIT solutions but also adding the Smart4Aviation Group quality and experience.

Please keep checking both and websites for updates and feel free to email us to our new e-mail address:
Smart4Aviation is a company founded to provide web based products and services to optimize, simplify and improve airline operations. The company is committed to high quality, cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions and development processes. The headquarters is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Smart4Aviation’s goal is to deliver a high-quality products backed up with 24/365 support service. Smart4Aviation Technologies offers cost-effective, reliable, flexible and well supported solutions for companies and institutions to meet their operational needs. It offers a set of efficient and reliable tools called Smart Suite as well as software developed on demand, which are used with success by pilots, crew, dispatchers, ground ops and many different departments.

The best solutions and support for servicing and providing hardware for Smart4Aviation are delivered by AzimuthIT. Back >
Comarch Data Center is an alternative for extending a business’s resources. This solution allows customers to reap the benefits of using specially designed server space for data storage without the need of purchasing and constructing an expensive technical infrastructure.

Comarch Data Center is part of the outsourcing service package provided by Comarch. The service allows transference of the unrelated tasks of a customer’s central business activity to an external unit. Customers using Comarch Data Center can use any one of the groups of services.

One of the basic things for which Comarch Data Center places special emphasis on is the security of the physical systems and the confidentiality and integrity of the data processed. Comarch Data Center meets all the stringent requirements in both areas, ensuring a high level of service for its customers. The application of technology from well-known and reliable manufacturers with highly qualified engineers ensures continuity of operation of our IT systems, and therefore of your business. Back >